the company


We have been dealing with the topic of resource management in the healthcare sector for many years.

The observation
At the end of the last millennium, the software was developed at the state of the art at that time, and today still largely defines the standards in clinics and medical practices. 

The consequence
The new millennium called for new solutions and the first medsolv was enthusiastically founded in their own living room to create a better (health) world with new technologies and algorithms.

The wind of technological change swept over us, but in health care only a lukewarm breeze. The emerging technologies were still too cumbersome and therefore did not bring the desired added value. So we were too early.

Over the years, the topic has never been forgotten and at the end of 2016, today's medsolv GmbH was newly launched in Hannover-Kirchrode. It quickly came to cooperations and first customers.

And today?
Today, medsolv GmbH is positioned as an agile company with 10 employees, which uses the latest (but proven!) Technologies with a young team, which provide demonstrable added value. Our mission is to use disruptive technologies that are sustainable, cloud-ready and scalable. Technologies, such as Microservice architecture and container deployment are now state-of-the-art. Therefore, medsolv GmbH has completely redesigned all products in 2018 with the knowledge and experience gained, according to the latest standards, and is constantly making new products available for the market.