Teamevent in the vastness of the black light arena

  • Team-Events

It is no secret: team events contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

As we did it last year, we wanted to do some sports for our summer / autumn team event. The decision was made on the increasingly popular Lasergaming.

Lasertag or Lasergaming is a modern version of the game "Catch and Hide". After the introduction, we got special vests, equipped with sensors and the so-called laser tag phaser. Divided into several teams, it was now necessary to achieve the predetermined game goal. If competing teams met in the vastness of the black light arena, they could "tag" themselves. Here you deactivated with the laser tag phaser the Lasertag vest of the other. The thus tagged player could then for a few seconds no longer intervene in the game and was given enough time to hide within the playing surface (again) behind dark walls or obstacles.

As with any competition, it's about getting more points than your opponent. With funny pseudonyms like Pikatchu, Supergirl or Badman, we were able to analyze the individual hits and see the team evaluation at the end of each game.

Lasertag as a team event promotes team spirit, structure and tactics in the shortest possible time and uses synergy effects in order to ultimately successfully go hunting for points together.
The secret of success? Quite simply, only who works together as a team wins at the end!

After the effort followed the pleasure: a dinner together with the Spaniard with delicious tapas and wine made for exuberant mood until late in the evening.