Starting with an exciting year of training

We are now an official training company and are training for the first time this year ...

Since this year medsolv GmbH is an official training company. We used this opportunity and conducted intensive job interviews.

The most convinced us were René and Niklas. Both of them have been with us since 01.08.2019, have already mastered their first days at school and can look forward to exciting years full of projects.

René is completing an apprenticeship as a computer specialist in application development, while Niklas attends the training course IT specialist System Integration.

The training of the two is very comprehensive: from conceptual design through the introduction of IT systems to solutions. In addition to the IT know-how conveyed in both theoretical and practical training, ambition, curiosity and diligence are required.

Of course, these are also prerequisites for mastering the training and all upcoming requirements. Because our apprentices will be entrusted with responsible tasks at an early age and will work on their own projects as well as in a team. It is important that not only the specialized knowledge is trained, but also the ability to communicate is trained.

Regular meetings help our team and our two apprentices to stay up to date.

We are very happy that we have René and Niklas in the company. They are already important members of our team.