The very different xmas party

Christmas is already over...


Our Christmas party took place this time in January. There was a very simple reason for this: finding a date together in December is almost impossible.

Our event took us to the legendary Escapes Rooms in Hannover. In teams we had exactly sixty minutes to find the solution or the treasure to get out of the room. Locked in a room - full of attention to detail - we received only a puzzling hint at the beginning. We had to defeat AI (Artificial Intelligence), save the civilization as scientists, search for clues in Murphey's Pub or steal the Guelph treasure as master thieves.

But the longer we searched, explored, discovered, and brooded, the more we could find out. We always had to keep an eye on the time and we had to hurry to master the challenges. This event showed us that we could only carrying out all the tasks together as a team. 

After we had solved all the puzzles, we went to dinner together and let our Christmas party come to an end.