The Social Pediatric Center combines medical with psychosocial care for children and adolescents. To match the complexity of the various developmental stages of children and adolescents, a team of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, and social educators provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary diagnostics. Close cooperation with pediatricians, kindergartens, schools, and other educational, psychological, and therapeutic institutions expands the network. Another central factor is the optimal integration and support of families throughout the entire continuous – often long-term – care process.

These complex requirements also pose high demands on an IT-supported planning tool for coordinating appointments and resources. It is not only about considering interdisciplinary, multiprofessional teams of doctors, psychologists, and therapists working directly and in a multimodal manner. Furthermore, additional disciplines may need to be specifically integrated into the process.

Specifically tailored to this need, the Multi-Resource Management medsolv.MRM SPZ was developed.

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