Meeting Planer


Do you know that? You want to schedule a meeting for several employees, which may even be spread over different locations? If finally a time window was found for all coworkers, for example in the location Berlin no meeting room is available. What now?

Many companies are facing the same problem and now have a solution - the Meeting Planner.

The Meeting Planner of medsolv GmbH solves the problem by integrating the Microsoft Exchange Server. Any employees and rooms stored in the Exchange Server can be clearly selected - the corresponding appointments already assigned are immediately visualized in a calendar display.


The advantages:

Any configuration of appointments of your employees and rooms over different periods (days / week / month)

Search function and visual presentation of possible meeting times at any time.

Termination with one click

Special consideration of the term status "free"

Invitation to Skype meetings

Separate room search

Free text messages and attachments to appointment entries

Real-time synchronization of all changes

Investment security through the use of current Microsoft technologies and their API

A search function allows the presentation of free appointments, whereby the requested meeting time is configurable. The booking of the desired appointment is made by clicking. During scheduling, the status of an appointment can be set, invited to Skype meetings, attached attachments (and much more).

Appointment changes are transmitted in real time because the synchronization is technically implemented directly via the API of the Exchange Server.

Scheduling overview